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Sea / Air Transport Service

Our company has a group of professional sea transportation and air transportation operators, to provide our customers with high quality sea transportation FCL, LCL and air transportation services, and strive for affordable, fast and convenient!

Handle all business before and after export according to customer's entrustment; Review various lists and approval documents provided by customers; Prepare various documents; Booking and customs clearance; Handling certificate of origin, insurance policy, commodity inspection certificate; Container leasing and packaging; Issue bill of lading, freight and miscellaneous settlement, express mail domestic and foreign documents; Handling import declaration, paying taxes, unpacking/transshipment, and shipping to foreign countries; Handle foreign agency business.

Notes for Air Export:

1. The goods cannot be transported because the customs investigation department questions the shipment; Due to climate reasons, the aircraft needs to temporarily increase the fuel load, causing the aircraft to take off and land, weight overload, causing the cargo to be pulled down, the load is controlled quantity.

2. The outer packing of the goods shall conform to international transport standards and shall not be exposed.

3. Over size and over weight (gross weight ≥60 kg) should be notified to the freight forwarder in advance, so as to assist the forklift to use the pallet.